Cleaning a disk from unnecessary data (information waste) with clean master

Disk cleanup is a very important element in the process of cleaning and optimizing the operating system. It may seem to some that the amount of free space on the system disk is not so important, but in fact it is not. For optimal operation of Windows, a sufficient amount of free space is required so that the system and programs can place the data necessary for their work on it. Usually this is a dump of RAM, temporary program files and other data. With a lack of free space, the system begins to save space, reducing performance.

Despite the fact that Windows and programs are constantly being improved and improved, free space on the system drive decreases day by day, from update to update. As a result, disk cleaning is required, which will delete all unnecessary files and folders, thereby freeing up usable disk space. Below you will learn about the most effective methods of cleaning disks, as well as how to prevent cluttering disks with unnecessary data.

How to effectively free up a lot of space on the media of your computer with clean master app

Automated utilities for cleaning the place do their job well and require the user to only press a single button (in most cases). But the overall cleaning efficiency in these cases may be small. Much more space can be freed up manually using the Files Space Inspector.


It is clean master in PC that, according to the vast majority of Windows 7 users, is the best for cleaning and optimizing the OS. The interface of the application is so friendly that even beginners who have never before encountered the problem of cluttering a PC easily and quickly master the main functions of the program. It should be noted that the developers tried to make it as safe as possible for Windows, but there are simply a huge number of different functions and capabilities in this “cleaner”, and there are such powerful tools that it’s better not to use them without understanding.

Tools are grouped into four main sections, which, in turn, consist of many subsections. For example, one of them – “Cleaning” – includes the following tools:

  • Windows Optimization (Internet browsers, explorer, etc.);
  • Programs (third-party browsers, multimedia, etc.).
  • Each of these tools erases only files that can be safely deleted.
  • Subsection “Registry” allows you to clean the registry and fix its errors.
  • In the “Service”, the user can easily configure startup applications, quickly search for identical files, erase disks, etc.
  • The Settings tab contains all the points of the utility parameters, and for advanced users there are additional features that allow you to fine-tune the system.

Wise care 365 clean master for PC

Some people call this application “Combine”, because among other similar programs even its “Free” version stands out with a particularly significant number of built-in functions. The utility is distributed in two versions:

  • Premium
  • Free

The second has inaccessible functions, but open ones are usually more than enough for most computer owners. The application algorithm is as simple as in the above, and comes down to two main actions:

  • The first click to start the analysis;
  • A second click to fix the problem (just click on “Fix”).

“Fix” In the 1st section of the interface – “Check” – the analysis and correction of problems in “Windows” is carried out. Having completed this process, the utility will display an assessment of the system’s health in the computer with a recommendation to fix the malfunction with just one click. Special functions are located in the same section. For a free modification of the program, the following options will be active:

  • Removing applications
  • Uninstalling the undeletable (useful when you cannot erase the file through the Windows tools);
  • Optimization;
  • Recovery of files erroneously deleted from the hard disk;
  • Manage computer shutdown after a set time.
  • There are several options in the “Cleaning” tab, for example, quick and deep; and also through it you can clear the registry.

A separate group is “Optimization”. It includes powerful tools such as disk defragmentation, startup control, adjust registry settings, etc.

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