Cleaning and optimizing PC

Cleaning and optimizing the registry and data on a PC with Windows disk clean-up program consists of several actions.

1. For this, Cleaner checks links to non-existent files and deletes them, thereby reducing the size of the registry itself and the time it takes for the OS to write / read to the registry.

2. Then the program checks for duplicate and obsolete entries – all which can slow down the computer.

3. We also recommend that you look at the Startup section; there are programs that start when the PC starts.

We remove all unnecessary from the section – office accelerators, ad reader, unnecessary small applications that slow down the PC at startup and clog memory. This will speed up PC loading and less clog precious memory with programs that are currently unnecessary.

PC Decrapifier

This is one of Windows cleaner equipments. It is a focused product to remove unnecessary programs. The application is often used to clean pre-installed applications that laptop manufacturers like to add. The utility analyzes all programs on the computer and divides them into three categories – junk software, dubious applications and other programs. After that, the user can optionally clean the disk of the selected applications. Available backup function and the ability to batch delete.


The application allows you to find and delete temporary and unnecessary files, as well as registry entries, change startup settings, manage web browser settings and defragment drives. Of the original solutions, we note the presence of a built-in software rating system with which you can rate and find out the opinions of other users for each of the installed programs. There is an extended version of the SlimCleaner Plus utility, in which there are tools for managing the energy consumption of the machine, as well as the function of downloading analytical data to the cloud storage.

Advanced CystemCare

This program conducts a full range of activities to clean, optimize and speed up your Windows OS. It will remove debris, and close the holes, and bring the settings to optimal – and all this without any complex gestures: the utility is designed for the novice PC user. In general, if you have never tested it, we definitely recommend you to get acquainted. Main advantages:

  • delete all junk files;
  • registry optimization and cleaning, error correction, removal of old and erroneous entries;
  • defragmentation of hard drives;
  • removal of malicious software (toolbars, adware, etc.);
  • algorithms for TURBO-acceleration of the system;
  • intuitive interface designed for an unprepared user;
  • full compatibility with modern OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Glary Utilites

This Windows cleaner magnetic utility package contains dozens of the MOST useful utilities for cleaning, optimizing, maintaining Windows! Using the package, you can not only optimize your system, but also solve a number of important tasks, for example: remove malware, backup drivers, delete old programs, manage services, startup, restore the system, etc.

In general, even if you do not select this package to clean your system, I recommend that you still have it on your PC – it will help out more than once! Such a large set of utilities in one bottle – you still need to look.


  • Cleaning garbage files from disk: copy files, temporary files, empty folders, invalid shortcuts, etc.;
  • Optimization, compression, cleaning the registry;
  • Windows Optimization: Spec. settings, disabling unnecessary services, working with startup, etc.;
  • Malware removal;
  • Backup system, drivers;
  • Recovery of files, folders that were deleted (for example, by accident);

Defragment your hard drive and more.

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