Windows cleaner

Using special clean master security utility, you can clearly see which of your personal data occupies the most space – applications, photos, videos, music, and documents, downloads and much more. After analyzing these files and folders, you can probably find and delete unnecessary ones, thereby freeing up useful space. In addition, with the help of Files Inspector Pro, you can also compress your photos without loss of quality by about 10%, which will also free up a certain percentage of free space.

In this clean master free app, the launch of OS cleaning tools from “garbage” and registry optimization can be configured to automatic mode. At the same time, the user can independently set the most convenient time for performing preventive procedures. Preventive procedures In order to ensure maximum security of user files stored on a PC, Windows Cleaner provides for the storage of the history of completed procedures. The tab “Cleaning” contains 2 sections:

  • Registry (to get rid of unnecessary and obsolete entries);
  • Files (to remove OS “garbage”).

For each section, four modes of operation are possible:

  • Averaged;
  • Customizable;
  • Advanced cleaning
  • Faster cleaning.

As a result of the analysis, a list of data proposed for deletion from the PC memory is displayed. It should be noted that the utility is a domestic development and therefore is most suitable for use by users.

Glary Utilities Free

It is very feature-rich cleaner app. By the number of various tools, it can compete with paid applications for a similar purpose. Of particular note is the possibility of identifying and uninstalling hacking tools designed to track and seize information about a PC user. In addition to the system optimization mechanism, it has the means of encrypting files, as well as reading and merging them. File Encryption Tools are grouped into three sections:

  • One click (here are all the tools to optimize the OS);
  • Quick overview (settings of the utility parameters);
  • Modules (separate applications for cleaning and monitoring the status of PC memory).

The program can be used without installation on a computer, but simply by directly launching it from removable media.

WinUtilities Free

Like the previous application, it is completely free and has a huge number of useful tools. WinUtilities Free The utility is able to start system optimization only after a single user click, and it also has settings for automatically launching computer health prevention tools. “Modules” In the “Modules” tab, the main tools necessary for the functioning and security of the system are grouped.  “Maintenance” contains settings for analysis and optimization of the OS.

In the “Tasks” column, the user can set the automatic cleaning of the registry, history and disks, as well as set a convenient time for defragmenting them. The Status tab displays detailed information about the program.

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